Cemaes Community Park - gates and seating

Cemaes Community Park - gates and seating


Cardiff Council and the Big Lottery funded the creation of a new community park at the unused open space adjacent to Cemaes Crescent in Trowbridge. Features within the park include a multi-use games area, toddler play equipment, junior/senior play equipment, pond, natural play area with boulders, as well as tree and wild meadow planting and new paths. As part of the development two artists were commissioned to create the main gates to the park and sculptural seating.

Stone carver Thomas Kenrick and metalwork artist Alex Relph were appointed and worked with the two local primary schools to explore the themes of wildlife animals and insects. Thomas brought eight stone carving benches to the schools to give pupils the opportunity of actually carving a small piece of stone themselves. The pupils started by drawing designs and also modelling in clay. Alex also started by getting pupils to draw and then they worked with wire to create 3D dragonflies.

Thomas Kenrick carved three relief carvings onto four large pennant stone boulders - each boulder with its own theme such as insects or birds. Alex Relph designed and made gates with dragonfly and butterfly motifs as well as the name of the park in Welsh and English.

The park was officially opened on July 17th 2011.

For more information see the artists' blog http://cemaesparkartworks.wordpress.com/