Pencoedtre Park paintings

Pencoedtre Park paintings


The Pencoedtre Park project was funded through a percent for art contribution from a nearby housing development. The park itself has been there for many years, but the playground area is a new addition which includes a large splash pad with water jets. When this is open during the summer months it is extremely well used and attracts families not only from the immediate area but the whole of Barry and beyond. The equipment for the water park is housed in a large green metal container, which is one of the features in the park we identified as a canvas for an artist.

Adjacent to the splash pad area is the skateboard park which has several ramps of various sizes. These structures were 'open', i.e. not boxed in, but as part of this project the ramps were boxed in with galvanised metal by Fabmec so that the ramps could be painted.
Leading to the park is a round tunnel shaped underpass built with a corrugated finish. It had previously been painted as part of a community art project but this was looking tired and in need of re-painting.

At the other end of the park, the Rugby Club's gable wall overlooks the park and this was also selected as a canvas for a painted mural.

Artists Mark Alexander and Bradley Woods, both experienced mural and graffiti style painters were appointed and Mark focused on the splash pad equipment housing, the skate ramps and subway tunnel. He visited the local youth club and primary school to talk about the project and invited young people to help him paint the work. During the holidays and some Saturdays he had some willing volunteers and many conversations with park users. Bradley created the large scale mural for the Rugby Club.
The project was completed in January 2015.