SA1 Ice House Square Lightlines

SA1 Ice House Square Lightlines


As the first area of public space in the SA1 development that visitors will experience as they cross the Sail Bridge, Ice House Square is an important arrival point and gateway. The artist's brief was to create a lighting scheme which would be dynamic, interactive, welcoming and also integrated within the existing design for the square.

Peter Fink won the Ice House Square Lighting commission through a national open call for submissions which also attracted many submissions from overseas. His lighting design is in the form of lines of light set into the ground which diagonally intersect the formal grid layout of the paving. Colours of light move and change along the lines at different speeds according to pre-set programming, creating 'rooms' or areas enclosed by lines of light within and around the trees. On certain special days such as Valentine's Day, and St David's Day, different lighting programmes will run.

Passers by walking through the square will unwittingly interact with them as motion sensors set into the ground respond to their movement. This will change the light sequence in that particular area of the square, creating a separate 'room' of light changing colours in a different sequence to the rest of the square.

Peter Fink is an artist with a long standing interest in architecture and urbanism and has been working within the field of public art for over 25 years. He has particular experience of artistic lighting schemes and has worked all over the UK and USA on major lighting and urban projects.

Peter Fink collaborated with Urban Projects Limited to implement the Ice House Square lighting scheme, who are specialists in bespoke and dynamic lighting design.

The Ice House Square Lighting scheme is the first completed permanent public art project for the SA1 Development as part of a long term programme of public art commissioning. Public art consultants Celfwaith are working with the City and County of Swansea to develop and manage the programme of temporary and permanent art commissions.