West Quay Medical Centre art commission

West Quay Medical Centre art commission


High Street Family Practice moved premises in 2010 to a spacious new medical centre with state of the art facilities. The new centre is called West Quay Medical Centre and is located on Hood Road, less than 10 minutes from the old premises on High Street in Barry.

As part of the new build a percent for art public artwork was commissioned through their partners Matrix Medical, who were the developers of the scheme.
Artist Angharad Pearce Jones was appointed and consulted closely with the staff of the practice to select a theme and develop a design for the artwork. Many themes were discussed including medical themes and the industrial history of the area, which is in the Innovation Quarter of the Waterfront area of Barry. Angharad’s design combines the motif of the Tree of Hippocrates and the motif of a steam train wheel within a circle. Around the perimeter is a motto that the practice has used, “Working together in partnership with each other for each other”.

The location of the artwork is a circular area within the hard landscaping adjacent to the main entrance. Eight metres in diameter, the outline of the design was fabricated in metal by Angharad and laid onto a tarmac base. Sureset, a company specialising in resin bound paving, supplied and installed the colourful paving within the metal outlines. The paving is made from a variety of different materials to achieve the different colours. For instance, black is created with crushed coal.

Angharad was excited by the possibilities of using coloured resin bound paving in an artwork and although she had previously used it to create a logo, this was her first project with Sureset on her own design (and possibly the first public art project to use this type of paving material).

This project also engaged more widely with the local community. Poet Phil Carradice facilitated poetry workshops at three local primary schools on the theme of physical and mental health and well-being. These workshops were supported by a grant from Academi.

The project on the Sureset website: http://www.sureset.co.uk/paving-ideas/commercial-case-studies/